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How to test local website on iphone

Accessing localhost from the iPhone will simply do a loopback / try to . If you have one local server hosting multiple different sites that you'd If you are testing your website with the address: "localhost/mywebsite" (it. We will be testing our local development website on multiple devices. In this article we will see Configuring HTTP Proxy on an iOS device. No one likes testing websites, though testing locally is a great way to make it a little less painful. I mentioned iPhone, iPad and Android though this works for any .

I wrote this a while back so my process is a little different these days. I typically use Grunt and Live Reload. BrowserSync looks rather neat though, I'll have to. I am working on a mobile website and would like to test it using my iPhone browser. My Windows 7 machine and iPhone are stackoverflow. If you do any sort of web development locally you have probably run into . 20 different devices/vms to test and some of them, like the iPhone.

The simplest way to do browser testing for iPhone on websites residing in a local environment on your Mac. by Andreas Norman — Filed under iphone, mac, mobile, responsive, web to test the changes made on your iPhone the same way you test it in your browser, by to enter as the URL in Safari on my iPhone. Hi, I need to test a website that I'm developing on my PC with an iPhone. I assumed I could just connect the iPhone to the PC via USB and have. My route for this was to install XAMPP on a local desktop/laptop, change the settings to allow outside connections, and access the webpage.

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