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Who pays for a wedding

You may have heard of the old-fashioned rule that certain people have to pay for certain wedding costs. But don't worry—the bride's parents definitely don't need. Paying for a wedding is tricky business. Here, a traditional breakdown of who pays for what in a wedding, plus tips to help you decide how to divide costs. "These days, anything goes when it comes to paying for a wedding. Couples taking care of the finances is on the rise. In fact, our academy.

Read the comprehensive guide to who pays for what when it comes to all the trappings of a wedding. Many couples today are sharing weddings costs with both sets of parents or even paying for it themselves. Read our rundown of typically who pays for what. Figuring out who will pay for what can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. Deciding on financial responsibility early on will.

If your son or daughter is getting married, read this article for advice on who should pay for the wedding. When it comes to wedding etiquette and budget, should Mums and Dads still pick up the big day bill? Should the bride and groom pay for the big day? We look. After the excitement of the big proposal and announcing your engagement, you will need to broach the subject of who is going to pay for the wedding. Hopefully. Today's rules of who pays for what when it comes to a wedding are a little grey. Here is a short and sweet list of new wedding etiquette.

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