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What is the glad game pollyanna

To everyone she meets, Pollyanna explains “the glad game” that her father taught her before he died. He believed that no matter what happens. Young Pollyanna has been taught by her father how to play "the glad game," in which the goal is to "find something about everything to be glad. Pollyanna of the Orange Blossoms: The Third Glad Book; Pollyanna's Jewels: The Fourth Glad Book; Pollyanna the game.

The popular novel, Pollyanna, introduced the Glad Game. Its author showed how the use of the Glad Game could contribute to the mastery of stressful life. The novel revolves around Pollyanna, an 11 years old extraordinary girl and the " glad game" she plays. After her father's death, Pollyanna goes. In the novel, Pollyanna. There is a game called the glad game. It's a game that Pollyanna learned from her father that he began it when the crutches came in the .

Pollyanna has an optimistic knack of finding things to be glad about even when the situation is dire. Ever since reading the book, I've used it with my kids. Almost everyone of a certain age remembers the story of Pollyanna and her “ Glad Game.” First published as a bestselling novel in and. It was the summer before sixth grade when I discovered the box of musty old children's books and novels that belonged to my grandmother and.

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