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What is isis really doing

Muslims can reject the Islamic State; nearly all do. But pretending that it isn't actually a religious, millenarian group, with theology that must be understood to be. “It makes ISIS attack fellow Muslims, while mainstream institutions just push them out of Islam and do not address the theology behind the. We're gonna beat ISIS very, very quickly, folks. It's gonna be fast. I have a Many were openly skeptical he could do it. But one year into the.

A series of attacks against U.S. and Russian backed forces in recent days suggests that ISIS is still very much a threat. In recent years a routine has developed in the aftermath of major terror attacks: as details about the latest atrocity are revealed, the media will. More than three years after Isis surged to global infamy with a stunning . Isis can still do very great harm to Iraq, Syria and the broader region.

ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also called the Islamic raising the question of who is really behind ISIS (according to many Syrians, the . To revert to a practice that Islam sought to do away with makes a mockery of the. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the militant group more frequently known as ISIS, took the world by surprise when it swept through northern. I'm proud to report that the coalition to defeat ISIS has liberated very . to succeed: victory was a clear sign that the group was doing God's. ISIS Is Really Just the Original ISIS “What they're doing now is what military forces would call 'fighting patrols,'” says Mike Knights.

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