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What is ethyl alcohol ethanol

Ethanol, also called alcohol, ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, and drinking alcohol, is a chemical compound, a simple alcohol with the chemical formula C 2H 5OH. Folks usually think of alcohol as this readily drinkable, dream-inducing, tasty liquid, but for chemists, alcohols are a wide class of organic chemicals which come. Ethyl alcohol, also called ethanol, grain alcohol, or alcohol, a member of a class of organic compounds that are given the general name alcohols; its molecular.

Do you understand the distinction between alcohol and ethanol? It's pretty easy, really. Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is one type of alcohol. It's the. Ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, is a type of alcohol, which is a hydrocarbon with one or more hydroxyl (-OH) groups substituted in place of one or. Ethanol, also called alcohol, ethyl alcohol and grain alcohol, is a clear, colorless liquid and the principle ingredient in alcoholic beverages like beer, wine or.

First there's the alcohol you drink, like whiskey, beer and wine. This is ethyl alcohol that is produced by yeast. The yeast eat some kind of sugar. What is the difference between Ethyl Alcohol and Ethanol? Ethyl alcohol is the common name whereas ethanol is the IUPAC name given for. PubChem CID: Chemical Names: Ethanol; Ethyl alcohol; Alcohol; Methylcarbinol; Grain alcohol; More Molecular Formula: CH3CH2OH or C2H6O. Describes how an ethanol test is used, when an ethanol test is ordered, Also Known As. Ethyl Alcohol. Alcohol. EtOH. Blood Alcohol Level.

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