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What is anorthite mineral

Anorthite is the calcium endmember of the plagioclase feldspar mineral series. The chemical formula of pure anorthite is CaAl2Si2O8. Anorthite is found in mafic . Comments: Opaque white crystal of anorthite with dark brown solidified lava coating. Location: Jeff Weissman / Photographic Guide to Mineral Species. Feldspar Group. Ca-rich end member of the Albite-Anorthite Series. High- and low-temperature structural modifications exist.

Detailed description, properties, locality information guide about the plagioclase feldspar mineral anorthite. Anorthite, a feldspar mineral, calcium aluminosilicate (CaAl2Si2O8), that occurs as white or grayish, brittle, glassy crystals. Primarily a rock-forming mineral, it is. Anorthite is an end member and one of the rarer members of the plagioclase series. The plagioclase series comprises minerals that range in chemical.

Anorthite definition, a white or gray feldspar mineral, CaAl2Si2O8, calcic plagioclase. See more. A mineral is a naturally occuring, homogeneous, solid with a crystalline atomic Anorthite is a lime feldspar, triclinic, has a hardness f 6 to mhos, SG of Digitalfire Reference Database Minerals: Technical information about this mineral in relation to traditional ceramics. Anorthite. Na¡Ca¡Al¡Si¡O8 c. ○ Mineral Data Publishing, version Crystal Data: Triclinic. Point Group: 1. Crystals commonly .

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