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Tennis when to change sides

They switch at the end of the set, AND at the end of the first game, you are reading it correctly. Here are some pictures of it happening in the. There are two basic ways to switch sides in tennis. The first is when players switch from one serving side to another after each point. The other is the changeover. Tennis players worldwide play the sport according to the rules set forth by the International Tennis The rules of tennis dictate when to switch sides of the court .

Players change sides of the court at the end of the first, third and then every odd game of each set. Players change sides at the end of each set. today in a double match I got in a big dispute with my tennis opponents about the rule of switching sides I thought after the first game, you. To put the tennis scoring system as simply as possible, one must win: Change over means that each team changes court sides on the odd number of games.

All the basic rules for what happens at the end of each tennis game. The players change ends at the end of the first, third, fifth game, and so on until the end of. Keep your side at the beginning of the tiebreaker. In tennis, players only switch sides at the end of odd. Joe Shelton does a great job laying out the basics of determining when and how often players change ends during a tennis match (see answer to How many.

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