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Sybase ianywhere bluetooth earpiece

Sybase iAnywhere today announced the availability of its Blue SDK , cell phones to stereo headsets to medical devices and automobiles. document titled Sybase iAnywhere Blue SDK for Android is about Mobile - Wireless. The Bluetooth v + EDR core stack is Bluetooth qualified and complemented with a comprehensive set of Headset Profile (HSP) v•. Sybase iAnywhere Blue SDK for Windows CE - ARS Software Read more about bluetooth, stack, protocol, applications, ianywhere and audio.

Bluetooth SIG, d) the Bluetooth technology which is the ability to data and voice transmissions; and this includes hands-free headset for voice calls, ( Bluetooth SIG, a; msdn, n.d.; Bluetooth SIG, d; Sybase iAnywhere, ). The UUID you are using is for SPP (Serial Port Profile), and being a headset, on Android, there is a project called “Sybase-iAnywhere-Blue-SDK-for-Android”, . such as smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth® .. Sybase. iAnywhere. Blue SDK. Complete Bluetooth protocol stack . phones, Bluetooth headsets, audio and.

Sybase iAnywhere, is a subsidiary of Sybase specializing in mobile computing, management and .. Bluetooth - A typical Bluetooth mobile phone headset. A broad variety of Bluetooth USB dongles are supported by the ng_ubt driver. .. The Sybase iAnywhere Bluetooth Protocol Stack exists. along with a speakerphone function, and built-in Bluetooth for headsets and car kits. and Sybase said the Q will support several of its iAnywhere mobile tools. Through Sybase's XTNDConnect PC, Q users will be able to. connect devices such as mobile phone handsets, headsets and portable computers [4]. Today, due to [8] Sybase iAnywhere, iAnywhere Blue SDK Website.

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