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Polyphenols are in what foods

The secret that blueberries and other selected whole foods possess is that they are rich sources of polyphenols. Let's get to know these. Polyphenols are micronutrients that we get through certain plant-based foods. They're packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits. The number of polyphenols in a food can vary depending on where the food is grown, how it is farmed and transported.

Polyphenols are a large group of phytochemicals found in plant-based food. Learn more about the different types, sources, and benefits of polyphenols. You should be eating these top foods to fill your polyphenol fix that are equal parts delicious and readily available in your grocery store. This article presents a complete guide to polyphenols, health-protective compounds found in plant foods. We also list the top foods high in polyphenols.

ABSTRACT. Polyphenols are abundant micronutrients in our diet, and evidence for their role in the prevention of degenerative diseases such as cancer and. Some preliminary research suggests that diets rich in foods containing polyphenols could potentially offer some protection from the. New European research has identified the top foods for polyphenols. This is a new listing based on the polyphenol content as measured. Find out why polyphenols are so beneficial to the body and see 10 top sources of foods rich in polyphenols so you can get your fix.

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