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Move newsstand into folder ipad how

If you don't use the Newsstand app in iOS there isn't much reason to for whatever reason Apple has made it impossible to move into a folder. Those who have upgraded to iOS 5 have probably noticed that little Newsstand icon is unable to be moved to a folder, and like all other Apple. With the latest iOS 7, you can place Newsstand in a folder without Until this changes in the OS - the safest thing is to move it out of sight.

I really like the idea of Newsstand in iOS 5 – I'm a big fan of iPad A key to this is being very quick in moving Newsstand into a folder at just the. Apple released Newsstand as one of the many new features in iOS 5 yesterday. Without a jailbreak, you can't put a normal folder within a folder in iOS. If you' ve moved to iOS , it's no longer possible to go back to any previous version. As iOS is creating the folder, quickly drag Newsstand into the group. You have to move fast, as the window of eligibility doesn't last long.

I'm trying to add the Newsstand app to that folder (since I never use Newsstand) but it won't let me! The iPad keeps moving the folder out of the. I have downloaded certain magazines etc, but it is not in newsstand icon. how to reluctant to go to IOS 6 if Apple keeps dictating to me where to put my apps. I new have a folder with newspapers plus the annoyingl newstand. Apple's Newsstand – essentially a folder for iOS magazine apps – can be useful, The app you've selected should now move into Newsstand.

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