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How to remove hard contacts without plunger

Wash your hands with soap and warm water. You must wash your hands with the right kind of soap before removing your contacts. Avoid using deodorant or. Hard contact lenses, also known as Rigid Gas Permeable lenses, are made of a hard plastic that allow oxygen to reach your eyes. Hard contacts do a better job of correcting some vision problems than soft lenses. Ohio State University's Casey Eye Institute recommends removing your. Insertion and Removal of Gas. Permeable Contact Lenses. This material will help you understand how to put in and take out gas permeable (gp or hard) contact.

But when I try to remove them oh my gord. How the heck can you get those RGP contacts out without using the rubber suction cup thingy?. How To Insert and Remove Hard Contact Lenses .. are two basic methods of removing scleral contact lenses: with your fingers, or with the aid of a plunger. There can be an adjustment period when you're starting or switching contact lenses. Give yourself enough time to remove your lenses calmly without rushing.

The most common way to remove gas permeable lenses is the stare-pull-blink Another way to remove your lenses is with a tiny contact lens plunger. If you can't find the lens, it may have fallen out without your knowing it.

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