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How to make vertical buttonholes in knitting

A vertical buttonhole is stretchier than a cast-off horizontal buttonhole. in seed stitch and garter stitch, both of which create a nice clean edge for the buttonhole. Learn about knitting buttonholes in the vertical style. Here's how to make one of the lesser used but very nice buttonholes, a vertical. Many patterns will have an instruction to make a basic buttonhole by working a yarn over and then knitting the next 2 stitches together.

One thing I did do, though, was play around with a buttonhole idea; I'm To finish off the buttonhole, work to it on the right side and knit the first. The simplest way to knit a buttonhole is to make an eyelet: just knit 2 stitches But if you have a vertical buttonband and don't want to use an eyelet buttonhole, . part 1: The side adjoining the garment is knitted with the running yarn, By using two balls of yarn, it is possible to make vertical buttonholes.

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