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How to make foot and hand cream

How to Make Hand and Foot Cream. Hands and feet are prone to getting dry, especially in the summer or if you do a lot of heavy work. Store-bought creams can. Natural Homemade Nail care recipes: How to make Hand Cream. Homemade Hand cream and hand lotion recipes: Almond Hand Cream. Cocoa Butter Hand. Oct 16, Homemade Hand & Foot Cream - I realize this recipe isn't something to “eat” but it's definitely a recipe that's soothing and healing for your hands.

Mar 11, Let's finally put all what we have learnt so far into practice!:) Imagine we want to make a foot or hand cream: we know that it has to be rich in. Nov 8, If you're looking for a homemade lotion or hand cream that will . water on my arms, legs, hands, feet, and elbows, and smoothed this lotion all. Oct 2, Lavender is a great oil for hand creams and foot creams; it is healing, antiseptic, good for sensitive skin and dry skin; it helps the growth of new.

Visit NIVEA's Hands & Feet Hub and check out our tips for treating dry hands and A nourishing hand cream will usually do the trick but if you prefer a more. Mar 25, It is even better to opt for a homemade hand and feet whitening cream. Here is everything you need to know about natural whitening creams.

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