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How to log out of fb app

If you've logged into your Facebook account on multiple devices, you'll need to log out of each device separately. Learn how to manage where you're logged. You can manage where you're logged into Facebook from your Security and Login Settings. Clicking Log Out will immediately log you out of Facebook on that device. How do I use an authentication app for two-factor authentication?. Facebook Messenger does not have a "Logout" option built-in to the app. This means you'll need to use.

Facebook decided a while back to make Messenger its own standalone app. Facebook Messenger doesn't have a log out button like the. It's great that Facebook lets you sign out of unauthorized sessions, but if you don't Choose whether you want to use a Text Message or Authentication App as. Can't log off facebook app on Windows Start Menu anyone know how it's the windows app on a laptop.

It's easy to forget to sign out of Facebook every time you move on to of the app it either looks like 3 horizontal lines or three vertical dots). Some also mentioned being logged out of Messenger, the social network's instant messaging app, besides the main Facebook app.

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