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How to add exhibit stickers in adobe

Exhibits are documents attached to pleadings or contracts which are referenced by the main document. Exhibits generally are numbered (1, 2. Hello, my first question is are exhibit stickers and exhibit stamps considered the same Either way, is there a way within acrobat pro 11 to add. Add exhibit labels directly to your electronic PDF files with these professionally designed digital exhibit stickers. No more hand sticking or hand writing your.

I have to place numbered exhibit labels on pdf documents for an upcoming trial. Instructions if you use Adobe® Acrobat Standard/Pro Versions X & XI . When you open up your next document to add an exhibit sticker, a new dialog box will. Electronic exhibit stickers for Adobe Acrobat are now available! With this simple tool you can add digital exhibit stickers directly to your Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Rick Borstein has a great blog that every serious litigation support professional should check out. See: Since most courts prefer to have parties pre-mark their trial exhibits these days, we typically create a PDF set of trial exhibits with electronic. Putting electronic exhibits stickers on PDFs. Warning: Javascript that displays on the window where you add the exhibit stamp information.

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