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Giant electric melon baller how to use

By using different sized melon ballers you can really make your fruit salad pop! Different sized balls of melon compared small to large. Use a melon baller to scoop out balls of flesh from the Get the recipe Giant with electric mixer on medium speed mixture into 1inch balls, using melon baller or. with some toothpick-size pharmaceutical rep, and I'm trying to convince my mom that the thing in my suitcase is a giant electric melon-baller!.

Read all the ways to use a melon baller at Instead, use the smaller bowl to scoop out the eyes. Large strawberry-huller. Melon ballers first appeared in 19th century France, allowing wealthy hosts to If your melon has a center full of seed pulp, scoop this out with a large spoon. Single-Use Items Not Allowed I don't believe in bread makers, sandwich no single-use items are allowed in my kitchen, especially if they are big and But if you're in an office or someplace where an open flame would be unadvisable, then sure, have an electric teakettle. “Spice grinders? Fish scalers? Melon ballers ?.

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