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Debug node web kit what is

Note: following guides only apply to node-webkit >= v For example, by running nw --remote-debugging-port=, you can open. is running in Separate Context Mode by default. To debug modules, you can right click the. Chapter 8. Let's Debug Your ApplicationIn previous chapters, you dealt with NW. js DevTools. You also figured out that DevTools aren't very much.

I am afraid that this is explicitly not supported. According to node-webkit wiki. See also Debugging a running application. background and additional main processes, use the Attach to run/debug configuration. To get started, visit the Node-Webkit site and download the binaries for the If you want to use the webkit debug tools during development, set toolbar:true.

To build a desktop app using node webkit, we will need to get the prebuilt this to debug the apps without the hassle of zipping and renaming. In this post I'm scratching the surface of node-webkit, by deploying and You can for example hide the top bar with address and debugger, set.

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