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Cubase record what you hear sound

Im using cubase sx 3. What im trying to do is simply set it up to record what you can hear on an audio track in cubase. I used to have an audigy. I recorded a guitar track through my UR22MKII and I can see it in Cubase (piano roll is there and the levels move when I hit play), but there's no output. This is only my 2nd project, but I was able to play and hear my first. I have a few plugins that produce great sounds when I tweak their parameters a bit (i.e. junglist and energy pro). After trying many times to.

I am able to route audio into a Cubase track without a problem. I can see the meter moving and hear the guitar in my headphones. But when I. Once selected, you should be able to hear your microphone and/or guitar If this happens, it's imperative to go back and re-record the sound. You are recording MIDI data and not audio, right? By saying you can hear while you play, are you referring to sounds coming from Cubase and.

Did you try the monitor toggle button on the top right of the audio Make sure you select the input and output in Cubase settings and record. The place to start when exploring Cubase 's signal routing is getting audio into the an audio track that's been assigned to record from a particular input buss. First thing to do is to test your sound card and monitors by playing an MP3 in iTunes/Groove etc, just to check everything is working properly.

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