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2048 how to get 4096

Strategy to Get Tile in the Game. The new version of allows you to continue playing even after you reach the 2, tile. Have you successfully got the and tiles, but can't progress on? Here are good Game tips and strategy for Game, in order to get. Without undo playing casually it actually is quite tricky to get , let alone beyond. I refer to the 'original' game () that has black/dark tiles for numbers.

You have a limited number of free squares, and each move introduces But where differs substantially from Threes, an admittedly far more . keep scoring, perhaps even earning a second and creating a If you want to get to the mythical tile, you'll have to think strategically and plan your moves carefully. Here are some tips and tricks on how. Hi everyone. I'm a addict (iPhone App) who, for several months now, have not been able to break through and get I'm looking for.

These can be combined from right to left to get to That's a total of 12 tiles. Since that's less than 16 (max number of tiles that can fit),

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