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What cause diffusion to occur

Topics include concentration gradients, the diffusion coefficient, and advection. can be predicted – in truth there is a great deal of motion that occurs randomly. . with the water molecules, molecular collisions cause them to move randomly. Originally Answered: Why does diffusion occur? Thanks for A2A. Scientifically Diffusion refers to the process by which molecules intermingle as a result of their . Diffusion is the net movement of molecules from a region of higher concentration to a region of This expansion leads to an increase in volume of the alveoli in the lungs, which causes a decrease in pressure in the alveoli. This creates a.

For example, diffusion through a thin wall or membrane will occur quickly if there is a high concentration of the gas on one side and none of the. Diffusion occurs when particles spread. They move from a region where they are in high concentration to a region where they are in low concentration. Diffusion. A gradient causes diffusion to occur. For example, if you fill a bag that is permeable only to sucrose with a sucrose solution, and then insert that.

In simpler terms, diffusion is a statistical result of the random motion of particles. Nothing “causes” diffusion to occur in the sense of an external. The kinetic energy of the molecules results in random motion, causing diffusion. In simple diffusion, this process proceeds without the aid of a. Molecular diffusion occurs in gases, liquids, and solids; both diffusion of molecules of Conversely, elevation of temperature causes an increase in the free-path.

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